Camping in the Northwest - From a family who thought they'd share notes
Because we wanted to share
When we first became "campers" back in 2007, it was a unique experience at the beginning..... making reservations at campgrounds we knew nothing about.  Committing an entire weekend to a location where we weren't sure if we'd like it.  And as much as the Campground websites are bookmarked and heavily utilized at least from January - October, are you really able to find out the REAL description of each campground? 
Therefore, after trying out a number of different campgrounds throughout Western and Central Washington we decided to start taking notes.... not only for our use in the future, but also for the use of others.  Things we wanted to include are items you just really want to know.... but hard to find out unless you are actually there.  Things such as:
- is the campground well maintained?
- how is the Cell Phone Coverage ?
- should we bring the bikes?
Hope you find the site useful. 
We encourage you to contact us, or even add your own comments about each of the parks listed here.
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